Dear Jakey,

It is official, today is 10 months you left me. It sucks. I am about to go pick up your brother – he is doing Hip Hop on Fridays. He is pretty cute – he has some serious moves. I can’t make eye contact with him though when I sneak in to watch because he gets mad. I need to actively look the other way. And then tonight we are hanging out – pizza and Ghostbusters. I have my 1/2 on Sunday so I am hanging low. Trying to drink lots of water and get in the right head space. I’ll need you to help me through it. I have run enough to know I’ll finish. I was hoping to beat my time from April but we’ll see. Either way I am sort of looking forward to some quiet time with you. At least I hope it ends up being like that. I have struggled a bit with my longer runs this time, or my longer runs alone. I get sort of bored and out of sorts – that is where I will need your help.

And the newest part of our family has been here a week. Jake Muffin. At first he seemed really scared and unhappy but I am thinking he is starting to like it here. And we are certainly liking him. He is awfully cute. At first Ethan told me I was his grandma which I though was cute – like he was the Dad. But then he quickly changed it and said he was the brother. In his own way I think it makes him feel like he is still a big brother and taking care of you. I get it because I feel the same way. I like having him to take care of.

Alright my peanut, off to see the Hip Hop master.