Dear Jakey,

11 months today. Which means almost a year. And like other months today isn’t so bad. Lots of people are thinking of you and us today but like other months it seems that today isn’t as bad, it is more the days leading up to it. I wonder if time will ever pass normally again, not tied up in such emotion.

Daddy and Ethan are over at your grave now, planting tulip bulbs for the spring. I also bought a bunch of crocus bulbs because I read somewhere that they were for remembrance. We are planting a ridiculous amount so I expect your area to be in all its glory this spring. I am a little stuck in what to have there for the next few weeks. All the Halloween stuff has to go but it is too early for Christmas yet. I bought some new flowers to take over and freshen up what is there but I want some kind of turkey something. I don’t know why all you can find here on Earth is Christmas stuff even before Halloween.

I miss you so much buddy.