Dear Jakey,

I write you this letter with uncertainty of when/if I will share this one with you. Most of the time these letters are our real conversations but tonight it is more thoughts in my head. I don’t know how you do it  – how you are totally dependent on others. It must be so disappointing. I am sure it is. While I don’t think I am the most independent person around, I do know that life is easier when you only depend on yourself because in general others dissappoint. How do you do it? Always the victim to others needs and wants. At least I always want the best for you – you may not agree with it and may get pissed off. – I know tonight you were not happy to have meds more than an hour late and made it clear by puking on me!  But you recovered, took your meds and were over it. Probably just another reason you are more mature than me – you get over things much better.