Dear Jakey,

The new year is hours away. I think about this night a year ago when we were still in the beginning stages of our grief. Uncle Steve spent New Year’s Eve with us and we cooked and stayed home. We were recovering from too many margaritas the night before and I went to bed well before midnight. I wasn’t sure there was a lot to stay up for. And now we find ourselves coming to another new year – 2012 – and I wonder what it will bring. We really are easing into it since we are in Aruba and won’t really be back to reality until the 5th. And  by then I will be another year older and we will be getting ready for Ethan’s birthday party, his birthday and the next board meeting. I am optimistic for 2012 or as optimistic as I can be. You aren’t with us but all you have taught us is near and dear. And our faith in people and humanity is higher and for that we owe you. Hope 2012 is good for us and for you too, my little peanut.