Dear Jakey,

In just a short while, Daddy and I will be visiting big Prospect to see if we think it is a good place for you to go to school next year. It is such a hard decision and I am so worried about not making the right one. It is really the only time that I wish we still lived in Boston (besides when you get really sick) because I know there is more variety in special education and so much more opportunity. I feel like we are a bit trapped here with not a lot to choose from and frankly some scary views on special education. It frustrates the hell out of me. But, I need to chill out and not get all worked up. Daddy will help and together we will enter the building with an open mind and thoughts of you to guide us. And if we screw it up and you don’t like what we choose next year, I trust you to figure out how to tell us and we will find a different plan.