Dear Jakey,

We are in Boston. We are at the Intercontinental in Boston. This is the last hotel you stayed in on November 22, 2010. We came the night after we spent so very long at MGH and Dr. Grottkau put your spica on himself. You were so brave and so incredible and we stayed here. I always wondered what it would be like to be here without you. Every stay we have had in this hotel (which is many) have been wrapped up in you. And how we used to believe that staying in a nice hotel somehow took the edge off when we were here for so many different procedures, appointments, tests, etc. Anyways, we are here. And I am almost 99% positive that we are in the very same room that we stayed at on our very first stay here. And people may wonder how or why I remember such a thing. But I do. I remember weird things and this is one of them. In the beginning we were in these suites a lot. Mostly because of the kindness of Steve Porter. And I vividly remember you on the couch which I covered in the red sox blanket we buried with you and I remember you laying there with your booty up in the air and sleeping. And I remember the tube was still in. And I remember how damn cute you looked and how proud we were that you had the strength to keep yourself in that position because for a long time you didn’t. And I sit here now with Ethan. And I miss you a lot. I feel you and our memories all around me. And I can’t tell if I am happy or sad to be in this room. It is probably both. And I wonder if I will always hate coming to Boston now. I want to like it but it just seems to sad to be here. Or it just makes me mad that you aren’t here. Who knows? Either way we will make the best of it and we will think of our times here together.

Love and miss you much,