Jake’s Help From Heaven welcomes applicants of all ages living within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Jake’s Help From Heaven provides assistance in two different ways – through our grant application program and through our equipment exchange program.

Please email with questions

We have specific applications for general requests, travel reimbursement, and technology requests.  If you have previously applied, you may be eligible to use the repeat application.

Please be sure to use the correct application.

GENERAL: For medically fragile individuals in need of equipment, accessories and items of medical necessity or medical convenience.

TRAVEL: For those seeking reimbursement for medical travel to see doctors and/or specialists. The Medical Travel Worksheet is also available in Excel. If medical treatment is done locally, please use the Local Travel application.

TECHNOLOGY:  For those applying for technology devices and apps.

REPEAT: For applicants who have previously applied, have not reached their $2,500 calendar year cap and who have not had a change in diagnosis.  The Repeat Application is only for technology and general requests.  Please note that even if you are a repeat applicant, you must fill out a MEDICAL TRAVEL APPLICATION in order to be reimbursed for medical travel. 

EMERGENCY SUPPORT FORM: This is for previously approved JHFH applicants who are experiencing an emergency situation that cannot wait until our scheduled Board of Directors meeting. Requests should not exceed $500 as funding is extremely limited. Please note that this does not replace our typical grant request program.

Equipment Exchange

Jake’s Help From Heaven serves as an equipment exchange opportunity for families (within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs, NY) requiring adaptive equipment.  If you are in need of particular equipment, please email and we can arrange delivery. In order to borrow equipement, the following waiver will need to be signed: Jake’s Help From Heaven Equipment Waiver