Dear Jakey,

I am watching Daddy and Ethan box. They are sitting right next to you and you are watching. I am nervous because I always get nervous when they get crazy next to you or with you. Daddy usually then tells me to relax and says that you need boy time too. I suppose it is true.  I was always excited at the idea of having two boys – partially because I envisioned Daddy taking his boys out to play soccer or throw a football or go to a park while I had some quiet time or got my nails done or did whatever. It all seemed so perfect. It hasn’t quite worked out that way though. But boy time is important – for you and for them. And while it is different from planned, I know I couldn’t love my boys more. Or Ethan couldn’t take his job as big brother more seriously. He came home from his first Tae Kwon Do class last week and reported to you immediately with pride that he came home with a white belt. It is almost as though he knows you miss out on some stuff so he wants to make sure you are in the loop. And while I admit that they need their boy time I will always worry a little more about you then them. Sorry buddy.