Dear Jakey,

I am behind a few days so here goes:

#10 – keurigs. Now Jakey, this is a small item but I am thankful none the less. While I agree that it doesn’t make the strongest best coffee around – it makes me a quick good cup and it makes them for me often. And it also makes me whatever flavor I want and the afternoon cups of green tea I have come to appreciate. And I am especially grateful for when they have them in our hotel room.

#11 – this one is a repeat – memories. They played a big part of our weekend in NYC, particularly our trip to the Central Park Zoo. We have always been big fans of this little zoo, partially because of you. A perfectly accessible and easy to navigate gem in the middle of Manhattan without having to make a big time or financial commitment. We were there twice with you and I especially remember out last visit together. And it brings me to another thing I have been thankful for – photos – as I write this I can look up and see the photo we have of the four of us on that last family visit to the zoo. It was a great morning. And yesterday was a great morning too – although I quickly bypassed the photographer because I didn’t want another picture without you.

#12 – Curious George – I am grateful that your brother still enjoys watching him. In an era of totally inappropriate tv shows and kids going up too fast, I am more than happy to watch the crazy shenanigans of one silly monkey.

#13 – rain. Some days I just want it to be grey and rainy. Not every day but I am totally okay with it. Today is a day like that. While I wish I didn’t have to leave the house and could declare it a “home” day like we did when you and E were little, I am still happy for the rain and clouds and dampness. Not every day is bright and sunshiny – literally and figuratively – and I appreciate the dark ones.

Until tomorrow my little peanut,