Dear Jakey,

Short note this morning buddy. We were all missing you extra last night it seemed. When we went to say goodnight, it just seemed sadder. Maybe it was just me but I feel like everyone felt it. Anyways, Ethan looked up and found the passage to Heaven – which we look for every visit. Just to make sure we know where you are. He likes it when he finds it before anyone of us. As we were leaving, Ethan got so excited when he looked up and said that the clouds spelled Jakey. Now I know that sometimes it is a matter of seeing what you want to see or even in this case, what you need to see. But while I couldn’t see all the letters as clearly as Ethan, I most certainly saw a big J in the clouds. It put a smile on all of our faces as we went home. It never gets easier to be here without you, in fact in gets harder. We are approaching three months buddy. But, thank you for your signs and efforts to remind us you are near. It helps. Know that I miss you more than anyone can imagine and that I don’t think I will ever be whole again. Until I see you again that it is.