Dear Jakey,

Today started at a memorial for another Saratoga boy who died. His name was Taylor and he died one year ago today. He was a soldier in Afghanistan and he was killed by a suicide bomber. He was 20 when he died. His mommy emailed me after you died and we sometimes email but haven’t met yet to talk.  But when she sent out a facebook event invite about today, I knew I had to be there this morning. Daddy came with me and while I was just so sad I was also touched by just how many angels there are. And how these other good boys I have come to know of are there in Heaven looking out for you and keeping you safe. And today when Taylor’s Mommy spoke and tears ran down my cheeks I was comforted not by her loss but by her ability to understand what few can. And I cried over her loss too because no mother should have to feel the way I do. And I sometimes wonder if it will ever get easier. And  I think that if the last 6 1/2 months are any indication, it will never get easier, only harder.