Dear Jakey,

What a crazy adventure we had last night!  Not one, but two squirrels trapped in our chimney!  It was a total racket with so many scary sounds coming from our chimeny. We didn’t know what was going on and we were all pretty freaked out. It wasn’t until Dundee came and caught them that we knew for sure what was causing the noise. When it really got loud, Ethan stood by you and was once again, your fierce protector. As the squirrels were getting rowdy, he quickly covered your ears so that you wouldn’t be too afraid. When Dundee arrived and we were told to sit very still (in case the squirels ran amok – which one did) he sat very close to you and kept you safe. Ethan made me proud last night and put you first over his own fear. You are a lucky boy to have the best big brother ever!