Dear Jakey,

I guess that you decided the best way to keep us safe today was for us to be home instead of skiing. Works for us. Ethan has been fighting a bit of a cold and woke up a big snotty mess. The temperatures were supposed to be so cold that it didn’t make sense to go – even though I was all packed up and ready. And now at the end of the day, Ethan seems a little less snotty so I think staying in was the right thing to so. And he gets to make it up so it all works out. Thanks Jakey!

We are at the Express tonight. I wasn’t thinking it would be too weird but it is a little. Back to those little things. I walked into the room and saw the chair by the bed and immediately had a flashback of feeding you in that chair. We stayed here the night before the warrior dash in September, remember? And then Ethan did his silly “cupcake” thing with the luggage holder and said “Too bad Jakey isn’t here for his cupcake”. It is too bad, Jakey. We miss you so much.

I love you to pieces. I miss you a ton. You are amazing and the love of my life.