So here it is Jakey, 5 things in no particular order:

  1. Miss Trish and family were the first registrants for the fundraiser. And when they visited today the cardinal was there. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Yoga today had an eclectic selection of music that had me all over the place in my head. Some music that reminded me of high school. And some that reminded me of you. One of the first songs was Imagine by John Lennon and I have felt so connected to him because you died when he died. Not sure it really means anything but in my head it does.
  3. We got our first application for the next Board meeting in April today. And it reminded me of why our fundraising is important and of the good you are doing.
  4. I moved a lot of furniture around in the playroom and when I moved Jake Muffin’s cage and the dresser it was on, the wall behind the dresser was stained with pee. GROSS.
  5. We leave for CA in two weeks. All kinds of craziness – LegoLand, Sea World, Zoo, Universal Studios Hollywood. It will be weird spending Sarena’s week over with her in CA instead of here with you. Just another weird thing.