Dear Jakey,

I really should be out for my run right now but I am having some difficulty motivating. Not a long one today but I just am not in the mood. Ethan started waveriders last night and I think he liked it. We talked about it on the way to school this morning. He had spanish and we didn’t make it over to see you beforehand. Kind of a rushed morning today. Anyways, I love taking him to see you before school but I also sort of miss our walks to school. In that short block we always seem to have a good conversation. Almost like he knows it is short so he says something quickly. He was talking about when he is Star of the Week at school and gets to bring in pictures. He wanted to bring some from Disney but then got a little mixed up and asked if we went to Disney with you or if you were already dead. I told him you had already died but you came with us as an angel. He said he wished they let us keep your body even when you were dead. And then we both talked about how nice it was when we spent those few days at tunison before the wake and funeral. It may sound weird but I know what he means. We just want you back and around us.

Anyways, I do think waveriders is something he enjoys. Daddy and I on the other hand are a little skeptical. The parent group seems like a mixed bag which is to be expected. People deal with grief differently and I am not sure how much about us I want to share with them. But it this case it is not really about us, it is about your brother. And I know he misses you so much so I am happy he has avenues to deal with that. It is just all sucky.

Yesterday was also our first Board Meeting for Jake’s Help From Heaven. I hope we are doing you proud. I think Daddy and I did a good job of making a group that is pretty committed and dynamic. I hope you looked down on us and felt good about it.

Alright, buddy. I have more to say but that would just be more procrastination and I don’t really have time for that today. I am back in Ethan’s classroom – I feel like a stalker, was in there yesterday and again today. And then we leave for Boston after. So anyways, it is now or never for my run and since I am dressed I might as well go – keep me going today, buddy, I expect I am going to try to make it a short one, even shorter than planned.

Love and warmth,