Dear Jakey,

I have found myself restless the last few days and am grateful for the distraction of Thanksgiving. I keep picturing you last year at Thanksgiving dinner at Prime. You were so handsome and so brave. You were in your spica and I am sure you weren’t overly comfortable but you sat in your chair and all five of us had a great time together. As much as I enjoyed that dinner, I am not sure that I could have bared to be there again this year so I am glad we are home. I started cooking a little yesterday and got up this morning to do some more before we leave to go get Sarena. Weather looks like a big mess so I think we are going to be leaving with plenty of extra time. Either way it will be a long day. And a different day. I never went with Daddy for these trips. Ethan has but not me. You and me always stayed home. And I miss that extra time we had together. Anyways, these days are chock-filled (again) with so many memories. Last year’s visit with Sarena was the last time she saw you alive. It was when we took that awesome picture of the three of you with the reindeer headbands. That bittersweet picture because when we took it I was so proud of how alert you were, but after what happened I looked at that picture and thought I began to see that sadness in your eyes. I wish I knew more of what you were thinking or feeling those last few days. I miss you so very much my guy.