Dear Jakey,

I just now got so overwhelmed that you are gone that I had to come write you immediately. I was in the office with my ipod practicing Drops of Jupiter, laughing at how horrible I sound and wondering how some people can be so talented and some so miserably untalented! And as I was belting it out, I saw the bulletin board with lots of pictures – some of my favorites. And I saw us at the Epilepsy Walk in DC and it made me sad that we won’t do that trip as a family again, well not as a whole family. And I saw the one from the restaurant where we surprised G-Pa in NYC and I remembered that I think it was on that train ride that your femur started acting up. And then I saw the pictures I hung up yesterday that were of me, Daddy and Ethan in Disney and then of me, Ethan, Daddy and Sarena in San Francisco and I realized that you will never be in another picture with us again. And from the very moment you left us that has been impossible for me to deal with. So much so that I reluctantly photograph anything else. If you can’t be part of it, I’d rather not have the picture. It just emphasizes how gone you are.

So my little peanut, I love you so very much. I miss you a ton. And I hope you will enjoy watching Daddy and I as bride and groom tomorrow in Congress Park.