Dear Jakey,

I hope you enjoyed your show this afternoon. Your brother never ceases to amaze me. He slept late today so I couldn’t take him to see you before soccer. Then after lunch he wanted to know if I had seen you and when I told you I did he was mad that I saw you and he didn’t. So off we went to see you. And on the way he couldn’t stop talking about wanting to show you what he learned in soccer. And then when he got there, he wanted to practice before you saw. He wanted to make sure you weren’t sneaking a peek until he was ready. I had to tell you not too look – I assume you still listen to your mommy up in Heaven, right?  Anyways, I sat on the bench and watched Ethan show you his moves. And it was another one of those moments where I was broken-hearted that this is what our life is like now, but also proud that we keep you as such an important and vital part of our family. We love you Jakey, so very much!