Dear Jakey,
You must have been on your brother’s mind a lot last night. On the way to soccer last night, while you were home with Cait, he announced that he wished you could play soccer with him and be on the same team. It caught me off guard but I agreed with him. I would be so happy to be able to watch both my boys run around. Anyways, I asked him why he was thinking about that and he told me that he really wished Caleb knew him because he is so nice and Jake would like him. Sometimes I forget that it isn’t always easy on Ethan either.

This morning he brought it up again. Over breakfast he said that he wished you could walk and run and play soccer. He said again how he wished you could be a polar bear too. When I asked him if he would help you out when you were learning though – he said “oh no  – he’ll have to chase me just like everyone else!”  Maybe Ethan knows something I don’t know – he probably does. I suspect it is annoying with people always having to do things for you and if given the opportunity you’d probably just want to be treated like everyone else.