Dear Jakey,

I have been meaning to tell you about the conversation I had with Ethan the other day. We were walking to school and I told him that our walk to school was one of my favorite parts of the day. He asked why and I explained that it was a set amount of time where him and I got to spend some alone time together and talk while we walked. He seemed to like my answer and then went on to tell me his three favorite things about his day. First was recess. Second was playing football after school. Third was coming home and knowing you were there waiting and seeing you after the whole day. Your brother loves his school so much and loves being a walker so he can socialize before and after school with his buddies. I love that he is a walker too, for the little windows of time I get with just him and for my chance to socialize with some mommies. His answers didn’t surprise me but I felt so proud of him for recognizing the balance and for looking forward to sharing his day with you. I suspect that when he comes home it is one of your favorite parts of your day.

I particularly enjoyed yesterday when Ace walked home with us after school and Ethan quickly and kindly explained to Ace that you couldn’t walk or talk but included you in their game. It reminded me of boy time with Daddy and Ethan – you respond in a different way than when it is just you and me. I was so proud of both you yesterday – proud that Ethan included you with his friend and proud that you participated and let me help you catch. My boys playing together will always be one of my favorite things.