Dear Jakey,

So I finally did it. I got my “memorial tattoo”. I had always, even before you died, thought of adding your dates to my arm tattoo. For whatever reason, ten months passed and I didn’t do it. Ironically enough people ask me all the time about that tattoo. They think it is new which is weird to me. It has been there for a year and a half, through two summers out in the open. But for some reason people have seen it for the first time since you died. And I explain that it was for you and what it meant. And even though I know people mean no harm, it has become annoying. And when I talked to the tattoo artist about it, he gave me his two cents which was basically that he often discouraged adding dates. His reasons gave me food for thought and I found that he much more eloquently than I could say explained the thoughts in my head which caused me to take 10 months to get in there. And when I talked about my other idea, the one that randomly came to me one night and that seemed liked it made more sense. So today I got it done. It is on the back of my neck. And it says Jakey. And I love it. I hope you do too. It was sort of random though – the appointment was at 3. I was home before 4. And then Ethan had TKD and Daddy and I had a Board of Directors meeting. I think you’d be proud of what we are doing. It was a good productive meeting. And now I am home, missing you and happy I have something else to keep you close to me.