Dear Jakey,

On Friday, Xavier was here to work with you. You guys were doing your thing in the therapy room and I was in the kitchen. At some point I hear Cait say “Look Ethan, Jake’s riding the fire truck” and heard them go in the other room. I ran in to check it out and there you were – sitting on the fire truck with super wide eyes and waving your arms around. Your excitement was contagious. I grabbed my phone to start taking pictures and we were all watching you have fun. Xavier commented on how this was the most movement he had seen from you in a while. You looked awesome and we could all tell you were having fun.

I emailed pictures off to Daddy, Abue and G-Pa and everyone responded the same : “Awesome” “Great”! You really did look like you were thrilled. It got me thinking on how important it is that we remember to include you in all of our play and fun. Sometimes I think it must be annoying to you to have us always have to move you or do things hand-over-hand but you reminded me on Friday that you do like it and that we should keep doing it. 

So, I promise to make a point to include you in things in a more active way. We started yesterday when Daddy and Ethan were having their “Mariofest”  – you and I joined in. Unfortunately for you, you were teamed up with me and I put us to shame with 0 points and consistent last place finishes. Sorry buddy. Next time we should get Daddy or Ethan to help you. But we did a much better job with table tennis on the Sports Resorts.  It  is not only good for you to be included in the games we play but great for Ethan too. He is convinced that you are the best basketball and table tennis player ever in the wii since your mii kicks everyone’s butt!

Get ready buddy – when I make an apple pie this week, Ethan won’t be the only one helping!