Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jake’s Help from Heaven’s Mission? Jake’s Help from Heaven is a non-profit organization that was established in 2011 to create opportunities for those with complex medical needs and disabilities to THRIVE. We aim to enhance the quality of life for those suffering from lifelong debilitating illnesses because of congenital or childhood-onset diseases.

What do we ask from our applicants? We review thousands of applications each year. We would love nothing more than to approve all the requests but need your help to make that happen. Please submit clear, COMPLETE application by the posted deadline. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS. Applications received after the deadline will carry over into the next quarter. We also ask that applicants and those applying on behalf of others be patient and respectful through the process.

How can I contact Jake’s Help from Heaven?

General Inquiries:

Submitting Applications:

Equipment Exchange:

Phone: (518) 951-0009 Address: P.O. Box 809, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Facebook: Instagram:

Am I eligible for assistance? Is there an age limit? We support individuals with complex medical needs and disabilities resulting from congenital or childhood-onset diseases. While Jake’s Help From Heaven helps those of all ages, our primary objective is to provide help to those with lifelong, debilitating illnesses. For that reason, we do not provide assistance to those with illnesses that are traditionally age-related, such as arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc.

How do I apply and which application do I useAll applications can be downloaded off of our website,  Applications must be mailed or emailed by each quarter’s deadline.  Failure to complete the entire application and to include the required items will result in a delay or denial. We have specific applications for general requests, travel reimbursement, and technology requests.  If you have previously applied, you may be eligible to use the repeat application (general applications only).

JHFH GENERAL 2024 Online, Printable: For medically fragile individuals in need of equipment, accessories and items of medical necessity or medical convenience.
JHFH TRAVEL APP 2024 Online, Printable: For those seeking reimbursement for medical travel to see doctors and/or specialists. If medical treatment is done locally, please use the Local Travel application.
JHFH TECH APP 2024 Online, Printable:  For those applying for technology devices and apps.
JHFH REPEAT APP 2024 Online, Printable: For applicants who have previously applied, have not reached their $2,500 calendar year cap and who have not had a change in diagnosis.  The Repeat Application is only for general requests. Travel and technology requests MUST be made through travel and technology applications.

What is the best way to submit my application? Applications can be mailed to Jake’s Help from Heaven at P.O. Box 809, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  They can also be emailed to   We do not accept faxed applications. Electronic applications must be sent as complete PDFs.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT JPEGS, SCREENSHOTS. 

Is Jake’s Help From Heaven a government agency? No, we are not a government agency. We are a small, non-profit fueled by volunteers and donations from our community.

Does Jake’s Help From Heaven approve Angel Sense? No, we do not approve requests for Angel Sense. We instead recommend Project Lifesaver (

Do you approve funding for National Grid or other utilities? It is not our practice to cover utilities including National Grid. However, exceptions have been made under rare and extraordinary circumstances.Please note that National Grid has a Consumer Advocate that may be able to assist. They can be reached at 518-433-3592.

How much can I apply for?Grants will be awarded up to $2,500 per applicant per calendar year.  Jake’s Help from Heaven either reimburses previously purchased items with proof of receipt OR will pay the vendor directly.

When are the 2024 deadlines for applications?





Please note that deadlines are 2-3 weeks prior to the Board of Directors’ meeting.  You can expect a response to your application shortly after the Board meets.

When should I expect to hear back about my application?

The applicant or applicant’s family will receive a decision letter through the mail, whether it is an approval or denial.  Social workers, care workers, and therapists who applied on behalf of another individual should always check with that individual to find out the status of the application BEFORE contacting Jake’s Help from Heaven.

If you submitted your application BY the following date: The Board will review your application on… The applicant’s family will receive a letter with the Board’s decision by…
2/2/24 3/5/24 3/26/24
5/24/24 6/18/24 7/9/24
8/27/24 9/17/24 10/8/24
11/12/24 12/3/24 1/3/25


What is the equipment exchange program? Jake’s Help from Heaven offers an adaptive equipment exchange program for families living within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs, NY.  If you are in need of particular equipment, please email

How can I support your work? Jake’s Help from Heaven is supported entirely by contributions from individuals and businesses.  We invite you to partner with us on a regular basis or by making a one-time contribution. You can donate online at

Do you approve funding for fencing? As of March 5, 2004, Jake’s Help from Heaven no longer considers applications for fencing. Exceptions will only be made for extraordinary circumstances.