Good Morning Jakey,

I told you yesterday that I wouldn’t come by to see you until around 2 but I figured a short early morning note might keep you in the loop. First off, I figured it was first mentioning that I thank you for the better time I have had sleeping lately. I know you have something to do with it and I had a good talk with God last night – well, really a one-sided discussion but I am pretty sure he was listening. And I will wait patiently for my requests 🙂

Anyways, today is exciting. I am watching baby Nesrin this morning which will be fun. And it turns out Chelsea is here for 24 hours and has a window of free time early this morning and can come say hi. The last time I saw her was about two years ago and she got to meet you which makes me so happy. She got to watch you with Xavier working so hard and got to see us as a family. It means so much that Mommy’s oldest friends got to meet you and know me as your Mommy, especially now.

Lots of love,