Dear Jakey,

Today I am thankful for the ridiculous – the kind of silly that makes you laugh out loud, no matter what you are doing or who you are with. And several times today I have done just that and it is all in thanks to people you know, people who help keep life light and not so serious. There is a song now that is on the radio all the time called Gangnam Style – it is annoyingly catchy and has a ridiculous dance that goes with it. In the last couple weeks, there have been two references to this song that just make me laugh and I feel like they would make you laugh too. And that is really the best part- when I think of you watching this foolishness from above I just know you are laughing – and I can almost hear that belly laugh from so long ago, the one that stopped for you at 8 months old. And then I can picture that sneer of yours when you just can’t take it anymore – the one you would give me a lot when I embarrassed you with so many kisses.

Anyways, today I am thankful for Mr. Brynczka and Miss Trish. Mr. Brynczka wrote on facebook not too long ago about doing the Gangnam Style dance with Daniel early in the morning. Everytime I hear the song I picture the two of them and I just giggle. And Miss Trish sent me an email about how when she was with Alex visiting you he thought it would be a good idea to sing and dance this particular song at your grave. I picture it and can’t help but laugh. Both of these visuals have given me so much laughter, especially on days when my mood could stand to be improved. And I just know that you are laughing away above us all,and who knows maybe you’re dancing too.