Jake’s Help From Heaven LOCAL Medical Travel Application

Jake’s Help From Heaven was founded in 2011 by Jake’s parents, Brian and Heather Straughter. Jake Alexander Straughter earned his angel wings on December 8, 2010. Jake was born on May 4, 2006 a healthy, vibrant baby boy. He suffered a seizure at 8 months old and this began his very complicated medical journey. Through his short life, he battled epilepsy, liver disease, osteopenia, femur fractures, hip dislocation and more. He faced each hurdle with strength and courage and taught those around him how to persevere. Though Jake lived in Saratoga Springs, NY, the majority of his care took place in Boston, MA. With rare and severe illnesses, we understand the importance of seeking medical care from the best specialists at top hospitals.

  • This LOCAL Medical Travel Application is intended for those who travel less than 90 miles for their medical care. This application is for medical care outside the scope of routine visits with a pediatrician or primary care physician. Reimbursement is provided only for mileage and only for care that relates specifically to the applicants’ diagnosis.
  • Grants will be awarded up to $2500 per calendar year. Applicants can apply more than once but for not more than $2500 per calendar year.
  • Grants will be reviewed by the Board of Directors four times per year and grants will be awarded following these meetings. Deadlines for each meeting are posted on our website at jakeshelpfromheaven.org
  • All Jake’s Help From Heaven applicants must live within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs.

*Please note that even if you are a REPEAT APPLICANT, you must fill out a MEDICAL TRAVEL APPLICATION in order to be reimbursed for your medical travel*

TRAVEL APPLICATION GUIDELINES – Please complete all Sections

Section A- Personal Information

  • To be completed by patient or legal guardian. Please provide all personal contact information. Provide a brief description of the medical treatment. If necessary, attach a separate sheet with your explanation.

Section B-Medical Treatment/Services Information

  • List the name of the facility you will be traveling to and include the facility address and telephone number.
  • A post appointment letter from the treating doctor indicating reason(s) for treatment and treatment date(s) is REQUIRED. Attach this letter as a part of your application.

Section C-Travel Information

  • Provide the date and total mileage for each appointment on the worksheet provided. Mileage is paid at .40 per mile. This rate is inclusive of all related transportation expenses. We do NOT reimburse for any parking or tolls. We do NOT reimburse for gas.

Section D-Disclosure/Signature

  • Date and sign the application. Must be signed by medical doctor and/or social worker as well.

Incomplete applications will result in a delay or denial.

Jake’s Help From Heaven LOCAL Medical Travel Application

Section A: Personal Information

Applicant Name:(Required)
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Parent/Guardian (if applicable):

Section B: Medical Treatment/Services Information

Facility Address(Required)
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Section C: Travel Information

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Section D: Disclosure/Signature

Printed name of Applicant or Parent/Guardian(Required)
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Printed name of social worker or primary doctor(Required)

You may upload a photo or a scan of a signed document from your doctor with the endorsement saying "I (social worker or primary doctor) support (applicants name) application for (requested item) on (date)” or use the save and continue option and send your social worker or primary doctor the link for them to sign. After adding their signature, your doctor or social worker must then use the save and continue option and send you the new link to your form.

Max. file size: 2 MB.
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