Dear Jakey,

Mommy is working on a project which is requiring her to spend time looking through old pictures. I have just gone back from today all the way back to your birth. Wow – what a life you have led and are continuing to lead. Part of me wanted to be sad when I saw the pictures at the hospital when you were born and your crazy 15 month old brother kissing you up. And the pictures of you in your first house in Dorchester, and your first Halloween as a shark, and you playing with Ava and Ethan, and your trip to Toronto and to Argentina, and you loving up Alcira. And then all those pictures of you in and out of comas, with all sorts of tubes and all sorts of doctors and therapists. And then so many more pictures – you as a spider, as a monkey and then as a police officer. You and your brother snuggling in all kinds of crazy jammies. Pictures of you working so hard to get strong  – with Karen, Xavier, Linda and Cynthia. Countless pictures of you being loved by everyone – me, Daddy, Abue, G-pa, Auntie Yvette. There are just thousands and thousands of pictures of our life together. And I refuse to be sad because while life didn’t turn out the way we planned, it is still pretty damn great. And life with you is wonderful – never boring, sometimes scary and always wonderful. I love each moment that we have spent together as mommy and son. I look forward to many many more. You are the best four year old I know.