Dear Jakey,

Today I am thankful that I was and continue to be able to be home. I am grateful that our life allows me to take Ethan to school each morning and pick him up each afternoon. I am grateful that his schedule is mine and that while I might complain – he is my priority. Everything I do can be stopped at any moment to pack him a good lunch, go over his homework, read with him, watch Food Network with him, and even nag or yell at him. I am grateful that there is no email, meeting or phone call that is more important than him and while I may zone out on facebook and other crap there really is nothing more important than I need to worry about. And even more so I am grateful that I was able to spend 24-7 with you while you were here.

And for yesterday, I am grateful for cardinals. It had been so long since I saw the cardinal and while I hadn’t really said it out loud, or even to myself, I was getting a little mad. I had come to depend on seeing you around and about. And while seeing you too often made it a little less special and that I probably took it for granted – months without a visit made me scared. And then yesterday was such a bright, crisp morning and Ethan and I called out for you. And I desperately needed to see you. And as we drove away, you flew in front of us and we sat and watched.