Dear Jakey,

Yesterday something happened and I really can’t even remember the last time it happened! For a while I was really happy. And while I missed you tremendously, I still felt okay. We had the filming of the Saratoga Lip Dub yesterday in Congress Park. Daddy and I were a bride and groom and a bunch of  “your people” were in our wedding party. We hung out in Congress Park for a few hours singing and being surrounded by good energy and good people. And it was so nice to be a bride and groom with Daddy. Even though we are already married and it was a fake wedding, it was just a really special feeling. And I think I was okay with it all, even with you not there because Ethan and I went over and sang Drops of Jupiter to you in the morning before any of it started. With my sweats and veil on, I felt like in our own way we were keeping you a part of it. Jakey, you will always be a part of all we do and I think when we figure out how to be in some way accepting of our/your journey we can be happy. It is just not easy to really accept it. But I know you are helping us do so. I love you so very much my buddy. And contrary to what Train says, I am pretty sure Heaven is not overrated.