Dear Jakey,

First of all I can’t believe I signed last night’s letter – Heather – instead of Mommy. Pretty silly, huh? Don’t get any ideas about it – I am still your Mommy even if you beat me to Heaven.

Lots of random thoughts for you today:

  • Your grave this morning was beautiful. So many birds. Ethan and I were sure you were talking to us through them. And the sky was so clear.
  • We saw Miss Briana’s car there.
  • Lilah made Miss Sharon bring her to you today. She was really your first friend of your own – that wasn’t Ethan’s first. And Miss Sharon told me she sang you Justin Bieber when she got there! Did you like it? I bet you did. And be on the listen – she told Miss Sharon that she loves you.
  • I talked about you today to Miss Jael. I told the story of the 8th again. It makes me cry but for some reason I just love to talk about you, even if it is that. I never am tired of talking about you and how strong you were. How incredible you were and are.
  • Came home to lots of mail again. You have been on people’s minds. You are so important my buddy.

One of the things in the mail was a beautiful card from an old friend of Mommy’s. It had the following poem in it:

At unusual times,

in unexpected places:

the supermarket, the ball game,

on the way home from work,

my eyes sting and my throat gets tight.

And then I know

that all I want

is you.

 – Dorothy Ferguson

That sums it up. Nothing really else to say for now.