Dear Jakey,

You are up to your old tricks my boy. Are you a little sick or about to be a lot sick? So hard to know. I wish I knew. You would think I would be better at judging this by now but each time I have no idea what to do. This morning was no different. You had a wicked cough last night – really sounded terrible and hacking but you weren’t as wheezy as you usually get when you are getting sick. Also no fevers so I remained optimisitic and woke up with plans of sending you to school.

But then you were warm – not too hot but 100 so I called school, cancelled the cleaners and rearranged the morning. And then 30 minutes later your fever was gone. I think you sometimes switch it up just to keep me on my toes. The cough remains wicked so we will go see Dr. Hawthorne and see what she thinks.

It is so scary when you get sick because it tends to not follow anything typical and each time I don’t quite know what to do. I also have to worry about other odd things – like when you cough are you going to knock yourself off your chair or couch? Will they catch that at school? We don’t need any accidents. It is much different than when Ethan is sick and it just means lots of fluids, naps and TV. Nothing major to worry about and he can certainly tell me whatever he needs. You, however, can’t tell me and while I usually feel confident in my ability to interpret what you tell me, when you are sick all common sense goes out the window and I second guess it all.

Maybe today though is the day it will change. Maybe it really just is a cough that needs rest and fluids. Maybe the fevers won’t come back, we won’t need nebs and antibiotics and you will be back in school tomorrow (and I can make it to my hot yoga class). Maybe…….