Dear Jakey,

I have been thinking a lot about your people. You know who they are. I miss them. A lot. I miss Xavier coming to the house and you playing possum on him. I miss you playing ball with him and riding your fire truck. I miss going to MIPT and seeing Joan. And listening to your brother tell her random information. I miss Karen rolling you on the big red ball. I miss feeling so proud when I saw you on the lite gait. I miss Cait coming over after school to play with you. And hearing her read and sing to you. I miss Beth at school and the daily notes about your day. I miss seeing Logan and Xander. I miss sending Kate endless texts when she watched you asking about how you ate, drank or if you pooped. I miss scheduling your visits with Lori. And your visits to MGH. I miss talking to Heidi about your diet and how to make you gain weight. All of your people became my friends. And I miss them. And most of all, I miss you so very much.

Until we meet again,