Dear Jakey,

On Valentine’s Day Miss Trish left you a beautiful note and I promised you I would write it for you and I forgot. So here it is, better late than never:

Dear Jakey,

Well buddy, it’s Valentine’s Day today and our hearts are missing you very much. Love is in the air and some of it just seems so silly to me. There are all the news stories about the perfect gift to get your Valentine and how much money the average American will spend on Valentine’s Day this year. It is really kind of sad when you think about it. People are so caught up in the “holiday” aspect of it that they forget what it is supposed to be about. If someone has to tell you how much to spend on a gift based on how long you’ve been together or what to buy for someone you love, you’ve missed the point.

And that’s where you come in my amazing little friend. I am sure that if you were here there would be a headband with bouncy hearts on your adorable little head (and I’d like to think that you are rocking one in Heaven right now) I know you mom and dad would have filled your day with heart treats and decorations as I am sure they did for Ethan today. But at the heart of it all would have been about the real message…LOVE. Pure and simple love! That is what you are all about. That’s what your life and family symbolize. Everyone who knows them and who had the privilege of knowing you understands that and knows what this day is truly about. Your kind heart taught us well and continues to remind me every day of what is truly important.

So I will smother Sydney, Paige, and Alex with extra hugs and kisses today because I know how precious time is. And then I will do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next! I think of how lucky I am to squeeze them tight and I wish that you and your family were snuggling each other too. I miss seeing your little face and watching your mom cuddle you! Stay close to them today so that they can feel you all around. I hope you can feel all the love that we are sending to you today and always.

Happy Valentine’s Day Jakey! We love and miss you very much!

Always and forever,

Miss Trish, Mr. Don, Sydney, Paige and Alex