Dear Jakey,

All of a sudden today I had one of those moments where I saw something that was so you and it made me so sad. We were walking around and there was a man, a much older man in a wheelchair. He looked nothing like you, he was at least 60 years old. And from the knees up I wouldn’t have probably made a connection. But then I looked down, and the way his legs looked and fell in his wheelchair were really just bigger versions of yours. And that just about broke me. I kept picturing your legs hanging out of the stroller or in your chair. Or when Karen or Cynthia had you in the Lite Gait and you were walking. Your legs were so skinny, I wonder if they are so skinny still in Heaven? I keep picturing you and your legs. And I can almost feel them and the way I would hold them when I had to dress you or move you. Or hold you. And right now I would give everything in the world to grab those legs of yours just for one more second.