Dear Jakey,

I have had the best time the last two days spending time with you in your class. In the 18 months that you have been at Prospect I haven’t been active in your classroom. It is usually just dropping off or picking up with the occasional stops in the observation room. It has never lent itself to the kind of experiences that I have had with Ethan’s school – like volunteering to help out, bring in snacks or birthday cupcakes, helping with centers or any other stuff. But now I have gotten the chance to eat lunch with you and your friends and I have loved every minute of it.

I have always known that Logan is your good buddy but to spend time with him and watch him cheer you on as you eat has been amazing. And Zander really looks out for you too. He is such a caring soul – not missing a thing and making sure you are doing okay. He likes to know what you are eating, how you are doing and where you are going once you leave. Teaching your teachers to feed you has been something else though. You certainly were being stubborn with Beth yesterday. I think they all thought it would be so easy but now realize that it is in fact pretty hard. Especially when you refuse to swallow. Could you hear Logan when he kept yelling out “Swallow, Jake, swallow” ? It was like he was your own personal cheerleader. And then when Zander jumped in with his own cheer: “Eat, Jake, eat!”  I hope you start making it a little easier for them tomorrow!

Anyways, I hope you realize how I enjoy spending time with you in your classroom. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on until I got to do it. I hope after your teachers are trained to feed you I can still come in every once in a while – I love lunch in Room 1!!!