Dear Jakey,

I am sitting here, getting ready to go to lake ave to help in Ethan’s room and I am missing you so very much. I sat with you a long time this morning. I can’t wait until our bench can get put in. I borrowed the neighbors bench and it was nice to have a place to sit and just be.

The mail today brought something very weird. It made me cry for a bit but it mostly made me think of all the things I will miss. We got a letter to the parents of Jake Straughter. It was the form letter about Kindergarten Parent Orientation. It is strange because even if you were here, we wouldn’t have gone. But still. Getting it is just another reminder of our loss. Of missing you. And of life going on. There is part of me that is pissed. Like, really people? There isn’t a code that someone, somewhere should have entered near your name to indicate you weren’t going to Kindergarten next year. They really had to send us a letter about it. But it doesn’t really matter. And at the end of the day, nothing really is worth getting that mad over. The worst has already happened so nothing else is that serious.

And with that letter, came lots of great things too. Mindy sent some wind chimes for your grave. And we got more checks and sponsors. People love you and miss you buddy. And because of you we are going to be able to help a lot of people this year.

More soon, my little buddy.