Dear Jakey,

It is that funny time of year when there are lots of good things all at the same time but for the third year in a row it continues to overwhelm me. There was the fundraiser which was amazing this year. And I love how it consumes so much of my time. And then there is your birthday which as you know was somewhat difficult for me this year. I am wondering how you like being 7. We were in Lake Placid and all remembered time there with you, especially the first time we were there together in the summer. And you and I were chilling in the sun while Daddy and Ethan paddle boated. It was a great day. And then we had the memorial scholarship luncheon and today we have mother’s day. Each year it seems a little intense. And I look forward to getting through these days.

Today Ethan makes his first communion. I wish you were here to be a part of it. It feels strange having these important milestones with you missing. And it really feels weird not having you here for Mother’s Day.