Dear Jakey,

We sit together and wait. Again. Just when I think we are going along all right, we get a wrench thrown at us. At least we know what to do, right?

I hate it when I get those feelings though that something is wrong. I always just wish it was me being crazy but when it seems like I might be right it sucks, I would much rather be wrong. It is times like that that I wish we could talk to each other and I could really know what was wrong. I know that when you flinch and move around it means you are uncomfortable so I know what you are trying to tell me on the larger scale. I just wish you could be more specific! Or at least let me know if we are close. We got the x-ray report last night and unfortunately I have much less experience making sense of those reports so I am mostly unsure of what it says. I know it is not the worst case scenerio since nothing is dislocated or broken but I am not sure about the sublexation. I am pretty sure there wasn’t any in July. And that is why we wait. I have faxed it to Dr. Grottkau so hopefully we will get a call soon. Either way we will get through it. I just wish you would catch a break – maybe you will this time.

Love, Mommy