Dear Jakey,

Another day, another statement of thanks. Today I am grateful for music. While it seems generic, I am specifically happy about the memories and feelings music can bring about. Yesterday afternoon I was cooking lasagna and put Bruce Springsteen on Pandora. I was in that kind of mood and frankly sick of most of the stuff we listen to on the radio and out of habit. Well Pandora put together a most random mix of music, many songs that I haven’t really listened to with any regularity since high school. And the memories were nonstop. There was some Led Zeppelin which brought me back to Virginia Beach with Tori and our air guitar days. I could so vividly picture us, down to my white shorts and tye dye.  And then I heard a Tom Petty song that reminded me of Chelsea and her room. We spent so much time there making such big plans and feeling so misunderstood – such typical teen age angst, we thought we knew it all and couldn’t wait to graduate and get out-of-town. And then Bon Jovi which so perfectly brought together old memories and new ones – older friends and newer friends. And the fact is I became overwhelmed with love for so many people who have been a part of my life – some who remain a part and some who are not. Some who even though we have actually spoken in years could pick up right where we left off.  So in just the time it took to make a lasagna, I was reminded of so many great times in life and so many people who I have been and continue to be blessed to know. And many of whom got to meet you too. But even the ones who didn’t know you in person, know you now  and know how amazingly strong and brave you were. I miss you buddy.