Dear Jakey,

So the coolest thing has been happening to me this morning. Kate gave you a musical puzzle for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, you were unable to enjoy it here on Earth – and I so know that it was the perfect type of toy for you and Ethan to play together. But we (Ethan and I) decided that we would keep it in the car and periodically play with you when we go to visit you. It hasn’t gotten much use lately – not for any reason in particular, other than it is cold and snowy and life takes over and we get busy. Another reminder to slow down and focus on the important things, but that is not the focus of today. The focus is that this morning I visited you alone on my way to meet Miss Sharon. As I was leaving, the puzzle began to sing to me. It gave me a chuckle and I thought of you. I even thought it was you watching out for me, as the roads at the cemetery were one big icy mess. Anyways, as I made it up the hill, it did it again. Again, I smiled. And it has continued to happen all morning – not obnoxiously or annoyingly but just nicely. When I got back in the car from the Y, and then back in from the Dollar Store – each time in greeted me as I began to drive. And just because I can and I want to, I am choosing to believe it is you saying hello. So hello, my little peanut. I love you and I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again.

Stay warm,