Dear Jakey,

It is not only Ethan that is making the transition to Lake Ave and his new kindergarten life. We all have to adapt. He has made the transistion with such ease that I can’t help be proud and impressed by him. Today was a big step for us – well, more for me because I am not sure that you are as awkward as me. When I take you to pick up Ethan we have had a few of the typical  – “he is so sleepy” , “i wish my kids napped like that” comments but not too much and easy to deal with. Today was our first birthday party and I feel bad because I did try to make it so you couldn’t come – I am sorry buddy, I know I talk about including you more but sometimes I want to take the easy way out. Anyways, Kate and Cait were busy so we went to Paulie’s birthday which was all new families to us. While I had a met a few people before or spoke with them on the phone it was the first time we would really engage in the “mom chitchat”. We met a bunch of nice people and I really can see becoming friendly with Paulie’s mom but I never know what to say about you or when to bring up that you are sick. She asked how old you were and was excited when I said 4 because her daughter (who was running around having a blast) is 3. She saw potential playmates while I knew that wouldn’t be the case. We got the usual sleepy comments and I know people were wondering what was up. It just seems random though to bring up because it isn’t really obvious right away. What should I do Jakey? If you were me, what would you do? It would be so much easier if you could tell me!!!

I don’t want to hurt your feelings and I don’t want to ignore you. Over time we will get through this transition too. I just hadn’t thought about how we would me making new friends too. We are so lucky to have good friends that have known you even before the seizures – Uncle Steve, Aunty Spunkie, Christy and Rob, Briana and Trish. And then so many who have gotten to know you since you were so much younger – Kelly, Sharon, Kirsten and Mike, Carolyn and Bridget . We are lucky to be surrounded by good people. I know we will be bringing more into our world – I just hope they realize how lucky they are to be included in yours!