Dear Jakey,

A week from today is December 8th, a week from yesterday is the night you died. Tonight is the Victorian Stroll. We didn’t go last year because it was cold and you were in a spica and it seemed too damn hard. We didn’t know it would’ve been your last chance to go. It just sucks. And Jakey, I would give anything to be here with you now. There are so many things going on that I could be doing as a distraction but when it comes down to it I really don’t want to be running around doing too much now. I am meeting with Marc to talk about the website today and I think it will be close to finished soon. And that is good stuff.  And I talked with Heath today about dinner at Cantina next Wednesday – it is going to be a pretty special night I think and I am looking forward to it. But with everything good that is happening,it doesn’t change the fact that I am looking forward to getting past the 8th. It just makes me sad to think that you were with us last year and that we didn’t even know we were experiencing the last week of your life. It still blows me away that I just didn’t know.