Dear Jakey,

Not much new to say to report today. Actually nothing new at all. I miss you tremendously. I am deeply sad without you here. I have been printing out all of the kind emails, facebook messages and things that people have sent us over the last 32 days. I got them almost all out but then ran out of paper. I have been carrying around these cards I had printed to send out as thank yous and I just can’t write them. It just sucks. It is so hard without you. I am going to head over to say good night soon so that I can get into my jammies. I can never get warm lately either. I am ending this now because I don’t want to depress you and am being pretty mopey. I hope you are warm and happy in Heaven today. And that you are finally enjoying freedom in a body that can keep up with your mind. I always knew what you were capable of and am sure that you are doing it all now. I love you forever.

With so much love and a broken heart,