Dear Jakey,

We are almost one week down. Three more to go. You are adjusting pretty well and seem to be used to it. Oddly enough, you actually seem to do better in some ways with the spica on. I remember that from May. We are seeing so much more movement – I can’t stand how cute it is when you wake up from your naps and stretch out both arms over your head. It is so nice to see you move. And your toes. You move them and move them when you are in the cast. It is almost like with your whole body stabilized you are strong enough to wiggle and move. And the seizures – where do they go when you are in a body cast? They for the most part disappear. I don’t get it but I will take it.

Anyways, tomorrow is three more weeks. Lots will happen in those three weeks – we will get ready for Santa’s big visit, spend four days in Boston with Dr. Thiele, Heidi, Dr. Browning, Dr. Eichler and some new folks. We will get a little more free time since your school day will be short and maybe non-existent on some days, and no therapy until the cast is off. And hopefully, you will stay comfortable. Mommy and Daddy will do anything to keep you comfy – including continuing to sleep on the couch with you until the cast is off. Ethan hasn’t figured out that we are doing that yet but I am sure once he does, he will be down here too. Stay strong peanut!