Dear Jakey,

I know you already know this but you have quite the amazing Daddy. It is so important to him that you participate in all of our family stuff, things that I sometimes would keep you from. Not so much because I don’t want you there but because I just always worry that you would be bored or neglected while we are out doing stuff. Yesterday was the Monster Mash – I was going to schedule Cait to stay with you but Daddy said that you told him you wanted to come. He was right and took such good care of you when we were there – when Vera and Ethan were getting their pictures taken he brought you right over so you could be a part of it. Miss Kelly brought me the pictures today and boy did you look cute! You looked pretty happy too so I think you did want to be there. I also caught him chatting with you but wasn’t sure what you two were talking about – I guess it was some father/son secret!

Anyways, I want you to remember that your papa smurf loves you so so so much even though I hog you all the time and don’t share so well 🙂