Dear Jakey,

It’s been a busy week. Ethan had lots of TKD to get ready for tonight which was his belt test. He did good. I think he went into it feeling pretty calm which is important. And if you had anything to do with that, I appreciate it :-). The test was long this time  – over an hour and a half – but he remained focused and broke a thicker board than he ever did.  After we told him he could pick what he wanted for dinner and he picked the Parting Glass. I bet that doesn’t surprise you at all, though. And when we were there I had another one of those moments where I just missed you so much and tried to wrap my head around the fact that you were gone. These flashes come quick and sudden and they just crush me. But as I sit here and write to you I wonder if maybe those moments aren’t times and places when you come to visit. I would like that if that is the case.

Tomorrow Daddy, Ethan and I are going to visit Rob, Christy, Cole and Chase in Alpharetta. Our plan was to take you there after school ended this past June. We were going to drive down to Disney and plan a trip to see them on the way back. Life threw us a loop and it didn’t work out that way. I miss you buddy. A lot.