Dear Jakey,

Some days just are so hard without you here. I worked on some photo books today – got two done. It will take some time to get caught up but I am feeling the need to do this before school starts. Sometimes I feel guilty taking pictures now because it just reminds me that I will never be able to take your picture again. It makes me so sad to think that the pictures we have around of you are the only ones we will ever have – we will never have another new picture of you again. And it makes me not want any new pictures of anyone else. I don’t want time to pass. I just wish I could freeze everything – but then that doesn’t really help either because sometimes I just want time to go fast so that I can see you again. The whole thing is too much. I read the newsletters from Brave Will and Super Jake and the facebook updates from Jill Kelly and I just think about all the mommies who miss their brave little boys. It just sucks. I miss you so very much my little buddy. I wish you were here and it just isn’t the same without you.