Dear Jakey,

This is probably too much information for many but I can not believe how much I have to think, analyze and share information about your poop. Cait and Kate have come to expect it. I end up bringing it up to “normal” people and they must think I am a real wack job. But really – so much has to do with whether you poop or not. I was just now watching you sleep and you had a pretty big seizure (by your standards anyways) and it reminded me that you haven’t pooped since Saturday. I am pretty dissappointed because I thought we had it back under control since you went three times on your own last week. But now we are backed up again. We are also running out of options  – we got the new keto liquid complete with extra fiber – I make all your meals daily with coconut oil (which is a reall pain in the you know what, no offense). I am scared to keep using mineral oil because of the whole issue with people and neuromuscular disorders AND we have to be careful with miralax because of that weird breathing thing that happens to you on it. Dr. Thiele and Heidi get ticked when I use suppositories with you because they say it is addicting – although i think that would be the least of your problems. Anyways, just make my day Jakey and POOP!