Dear Jakey,

We are starting our second week on PI. Sarena left early this morning. I find myself thinking about you in so many ways. So many memories of our life together.  I remember our 2nd and 3rd summers here at 81 Northern (which is just up the driveway from where we are now) and I remember when I was paranoid you had an ear infection. I remember our 4th summer at 35 Northern and every time we walk by the house I remember Tuck over for dinner and you on my lap.


And I remember Daddy pushing your stroller over the same path through the dunes we walk now. I remember hanging with you under the umbrella or in your shark tent. I can picture what you were wearing and what I was wearing and these snapshots feel like they could have been taken yesterday. Everything here is so much more vivid than in our real normal life. Maybe because the memories here are all good, they don’t get lost and mixed up with the bad ones. And almost every day since we got here,  when sitting on our deck I hear a noise that makes me jump. The first thought that comes to mind is that its your puzzle from Kate that lives in my car (well lived in the Volvo, I still have to move it to the Jeep) because it is that exact sound. And it makes me think “Hi Jakey” the way everyone thinks when the sound happens in the car. And then I realize that can’t be the cause of the noise but I still can’t figure out what it is. And that is fine because I like to think it is you on vacation with us.