Dear Jakey,

We are in Ogunquit – at the Fun Zone. We have been working so very hard on foundation stuff and it is nice to be someplace where we can do that. We worked the whole ride up here and have plowed through so much more stuff this morning. We have written applications, drafted rubrics and sponsorships forms. Now I have some letters to write. I am having a difficult time, even though most of it is written – it just always ends up starting with how you earned your angel wings and that my dear, stinks!

When we arrived here yesterday afternoon, Ethan was so excited. He was really looking forward to this mini-vacation. And he looked out the back windows and saw that there were two different bird feeders. He told Daddy that they would help you find us here. We all felt pretty good about it. And then this morning we were sitting here in the living room – Ethan watching Dinosaur Train and Daddy and I working on your foundation – and there you were. Hanging out on the bird feeder, eating some breakfast and playing in the snow. It is as close as we can get to you now so we all believe, or try to.

With so much love,